Job Application Experience

I am currently a senior working on graduating next term in the summer. As a result, I have found myself applying for several jobs a week. Filling out an application, in general, is something I typically find myself dreading to do, however, Indeed has allowed for a smoother and more time-efficient process. I am not saying that all applications on Indeed are easy, however more than if you went directly to the company website.

The other day I was applying for a position, and the process went fairly smoothly. The company had listed everything I needed to know upfront to make me feel comfortable for knowing what exactly I was applying for. However, towards the end of the application, I was required to take a test. Within the test, the questions I was being asked were in the form of “would you either”. I was asked, “would you either talk behind someone’s back or do personal work on the clock.” Unfortunately there was no option to do neither.

This test gave me an odd impression of the company that I was applying for. I understand the motive behind this test is to see if you pick the “better” one of the two, however, I wouldn’t want to select either of them. This made me question the culture of the company and whether or not I would want to work for them. How would you feel if a job that you were applying for included questions like these?

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