Treehopper Observations in Oregon Vineyards

Growers in Southern Oregon have observed treehopper damage in vineyards during the 2016 growing season. Researchers at OSU would like to know if any grapevines in other regions are displaying similar symptoms. These observations will assist them in determining the current distribution of treehoppers in Oregon vineyards. Symptoms of treehopper feeding include leaf petiole or cane girdling (see photo below). Approximately one week after the feeding and girdling, the leaf may change color and stand out clearly against the remainder of the canopy. If you observe such symptoms, please contact Rick Hilton or Vaughn Walton. This research is a component of a collaborative Red Blotch grant funded by the Oregon Wine Board.
To report symptoms or for more information, contact:
Rick Hilton
Senior Faculty Research Assistant/SOREC

Vaughn Walton
OSU Horticultural Entomologist

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