David Adelsheim inducted into the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences 2013 Hall of Fame

Dr. Bill Boggess, Interim Director, OWRI 

Dr. Dan Arp, Reub Long Dean of Agricultural Sciences and director of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station at OSU poses with David Adelsheim, Adelsheim Vineyards. Photo Courtesy of Betsy Hartley.

The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University recently recognized David Adelsheim, president of Adelsheim Vineyard, with its highest honor – induction into the College’s 2013 Hall of Fame.  Early wine pioneers David and Ginny Adelsheim founded Adelsheim Vineyard in 1971. Beyond leading the remarkable success of the vineyard, David has had an unparalleled impact on Oregon’s wine industry over the past 40 years.  David was instrumental in efforts to pass land use legislation in the 1980’s that enabled protection of agricultural land, importation of Dijon clones of Pinot noir and Chardonnay to the U.S.A., the establishment of the Willamette Valley’s six distinct appellations and wine labeling regulations, and the creation of the Oregon Wine Board.  David was recognized with the industry’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, by the Oregon Wine Board in February 2012. David’s role in the history and prospects of Oregon wine is truly unequalled.

Over the past 40 years, David has collaborated extensively with the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.  Early collaborations included setting up a grapevine clonal importation program and supporting viticulture research efforts focused on Oregon’s unique growing conditions. More recently, David contributed significantly toward the formation of the Oregon Wine Research Institute (OWRI), which is the region’s first multi-disciplinary and comprehensive program dedicated to addressing the research and outreach needs of the wine industry in Oregon. The OWRI has garnered more than $2 million toward Oregon wine research and supports eight OSU faculty members. Development of such pivotal programs within industry, government, and the university is not possible without the strong support of industry partners. We are sincerely thankful for the efforts of David Adelsheim and proudly offer him this prestigious honor at Oregon State University.

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