Call for Applications – CAAI Faculty Learning Community – Spring ‘21

Community for the Advancement of Antiracist Instruction (CAAI):  A learning community led by and for instructors and TAs

The Center for Teaching and Learning and Faculty Affairs have come together to sponsor a new faculty learning community. The Community for the Advancement of Antiracist Instruction (CAAI) has been designed as a professional development opportunity for instructors and TAs to take ownership of antiracist work in their teaching practice and beyond.  This grassroots project was designed and will be facilitated by a team of six instructors from programs across campus.  The intention is to create a space where instructors and TAs will have agency and feel empowered to explore antiracist teaching in a community of peers. The learning community will culminate in the creation of an antiracist teaching action plan.

Participants will attend an introductory meeting on Saturday, April 24 10:00 am-12:00 pm and will then engage with four interactive Canvas modules over the course of 4 weeks (April 26-May 23). While active in the learning community, participants will:

  1. Examine the social construction of Whiteness and its effects on teaching and learning, particularly in individual disciplines and among faculty in their academic units.
  2. Discuss and share conversations about race and racism with colleagues.
  3. Develop familiarity with and discuss antiracist pedagogy in general educational practices and across disciplines.
  4. Apply antiracist teaching practices through revisions to course design and delivery.
  5. Contribute to department and university expectations around diversity, equity and inclusion.

While space is limited for the CAAI, all OSU instructors and TAs from any campus (Corvallis, Cascade, Ecampus, etc.) are eligible to participate.  Instructors and TAs with all levels of experience and comfort with social justice, critical, inclusive and antiracist teaching approaches are encouraged to apply.  To apply, interested instructors and TAs should submit an application via the following link by March 31: CAAI Application Link.  Questions regarding this new learning community may be directed to the CAAI project lead, Raven Chakerian, Notifications regarding acceptance will be announced by April 7.

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