Getting Ready for FALL 2020

With August waning, Fall classes loom on the horizon. While many teaching faculty and students bemoan the absence of face to face learning opportunities this Fall, it is reassuring to know for sure what modality classes will be conducted in. It is a lot easier to plan an entire term when you do not have to worry about switching from one format to another. We have also learned a lot from remote delivery efforts in the Spring (see a list of problems and solutions here).

The OSU Keep Teaching Team, featuring the efforts of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Academic Technology, and Ecampus, have a suite of useful aids to help course preparation. Here is your quick guide to what is at your disposal:

Get CCOMFE: Remote teaching involves many curve balls. It is more important than ever to design courses to build community, and increase engagement. OSU’s guiding principles for Fall align with our pedagogical prescriptions to be CCOMFE, Compassionate, Clear, Organized, Multi-faceted, Flexible, and Engaging.  Feel like a pedagogical booster shot to get you ready?  Take this.

Start Here: Explore the self-paced Designing and Teaching an Effective Remote/Blended Course Canvas workshop site. This is the primary way to access many resources (this site will feature in college workshops).

Want content for your Syllabus? See the “Communicating with Students Before Classes Even Begin” and sample syllabus linked in Organizing and Writing Your Syllabus.

Consider contacting your students NOW: Students are wary about Fall, help them out. Two sample letters for your modification are available here Sample Student Letter – On-Campus, and here Remote.

Key Tips

All the best for a great Fall!!

Regan A. R. Gurung, Ph.D.
Interim Executive Director
Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)


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