To OSU Faculty Engaged in Teaching, Learning or Evaluation of Teaching

In fall 2019, the Advancement of Teaching (AOT) Committee of the OSU Faculty Senate proposed a framework to represent principles encompassing multiple approaches and practices to instruction. The Quality Teaching (QT) Framework document is currently under review, and the AOT is seeking your input.

We invite you to attend a public forum to provide comment. Currently, fourteen forums are offered to solicit feedback about and influence revisions of the document. Each forum targets attendance from a specific interest group (based on roles at OSU) but any member of the community may attend any session.

The interest groups include:

  • learning as undergraduates
  • learning as graduate students
  • teaching in non-classroom settings
  • teaching in classroom settings
  • evaluators of teaching
  • professional development providers of teaching

Before electing to participate please keep in mind the following:

  • The forums are intended to collect feedback about the document content as a product or tool.
  • The forums are not intended to discuss how the tool will be used (wrt: promotion, tenure, teacher evaluation, etc.).
  • There are face-to-face and Zoom forums for each interest group.
  • Each forum is limited to 1 hour.
  • Face-to-face forums are limited to 40 participants; Zoom 12.
  • Please review the QT Framework prior to attending a forum.

*Alternatively, or in addition to participating in a public forum, community members may complete a Qualtrics Survey to provide input.

All feedback is sought by March 13 in which all substantive feedback will be incorporated. The final working draft of the QT Framework will be presented to Faculty Senate for discussion in Spring 2020 with intent to adopt the QT Framework university wide by June 2020.

Please use the following links to:

Thank you,

Advancement of Teaching Committee, Faculty Senate


QT Framework:

Attend a public forum:

Complete the Qualtrics Survey:

Track the QT Process:

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