Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking

As educators we all want our students to become better problem solvers, to think outside of the box, to create novel and insightful solutions. But thinking, like other skills, must be modeled, practiced, practiced and practiced. It is only with frequent practice and targeted feedback that thinking will improve.
Is all thinking created equal?
Do the disciplines have specific types of thinking?
How do we know our students are increasing their thinking proficiency?
What strategies can professors use to support students’ development of thinking skills?
In a 90 minute workshop we will only begin to answer some of these essential teaching questions…still, we have to begin somewhere.
If you plan on attending this session on January 30th, please begin your own reflections about your students’ thinking. What evidence are you looking for that would indicate your students are, or are not ,engaging in the type of thinking you expect?

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