The OMA on the Sustainable Heritage Network

SHN Website

The Sustainable Heritage Network (SHN) was established to connect Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ALMs) with each other as well as to connect tribal communities with non-tribal ALMs to provide a space to communicate and learn about digital stewardship and preservation. The way in which this connection and assistance occurs is for ALMs to self-designate as “workbenches” via the SHN website. A “workbench” can share as much or a little as it wants in terms of equipment, physical workspaces, institutional and archival resources, training, etc.

The OMA is excited to share the it is now a workbench as part of the network! The OMA is listed as a part of the Oregon State University Libraries workbench and is very excited to offer a variety of services!

OSUL SHN Workbench

OSUL SHN Workbench

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