Social Justice Tour of Corvallis VI

For their sixth tour, the OMA collaborated with the Ethnic Studies 553: Ethnohistory Methodology course taught by Professor Natchee Barnd. As in previous years, the students came to the archives to review OMA and OSQA materials, and visited the Benton County Historical Society archives as well, to conduct research regarding the histories of the OSU and Corvallis area’s traditionally marginalized communities. The 6 students researched and wrote 1-2 stories each, featuring various OSU and Corvallis area histories, and they complied them into a tour guidebook.

On Friday December 3rd, a group gathered to attend an end of term tour given by the class. There were 10 stories total, which included but are not limited to, a view of campus from the perspective of White Oak, the importance of a local OSU community garden, the experiences of two Indian women who earned their Masters degrees at OSU in the 1940s, and the use of blackface in campus activities.

Be sure to check out the blog posts regarding the 2014 Tour and the 2016 Tour and the 2017 Tour and the 2019 Tour.

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