Milagro Addition to Complete the Collection!

Milagro’s Grants and Financial Records

The Milagro collection is now complete! This week the OMA received Milagro’s financial and grants documentation, 1986-2005/2007, a total of 6 boxes. These materials give a fantastic insight into the inner workings of the administrative side of running a successful theatre company.

And, that means that Katrina has officially completed her processing project. To get a sense of how much work Katrina did, be sure to read through her blog: Katrina’s Milagro Internship and check out these “after” photos of the archives room at Milagro (this room was originally jam packed with content that is now at the OMA):

Milagro Archives Room


Milagro’s Current Records


What’s still at Milagro? Scripts and some Artwork

 And, in the coming year’s there will be more Milagro content to come to the OMA; Katrina created a Records Retention Schedule for the staff to be sure to know what comes to the archives, what stays at the theatre, and what needs to be shredded.

Milagro’s RSS Instructions

 However, just because her internship is complete, Katrina’s dedication to the Performing Arts community is by no means over. In fact, she developed the Northwest Performing Arts Archive:

nwpaarchive website

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