OSU History of Students of Color Activism Tour!

CONNECT Week 2014 Tour at the CCCC

As part of CONNECT Week 2014, Professors Janet Nishihara and Kim McAloney led a group of about 15 students on the tour that their Fall 2013 U-Engage created and compiled into the campus tour guidebook: “Untold Stories: Histories of Students of Color at OSU” It was incredible to see all the changes that have occurred on campus in just this past year. For example, the CCCC building is now completed, the BCC and APCC are both under construction – with the APCC in a new location – and the new residence hall has been named after William Tebeau. The OMA and Professors Nishihara and McAloney are definitely planning on an updated and perhaps expanded version of the guidebook for 2015 – so stay tuned for that!

The tour group checking out the new location of the APCC which will be across from the NAL


The group at the NAL on the corner of Jefferson and 26th



Update October 8th

As part of this Fall Term 2014 U-Engage class, the students took the tour last year’s class created!

Fall Term 2014 U-Engage Class


Update October 9th

Remember how we mentioned that the guidebook needed to be updated? Here’s a fantastic reason why…today marked the dedication ceremony for the new residence hall, Tebeau Hall, named after the first known male African American graduate from OSU, William Tebeau. In the guidebook, his “location” is the Engineering Building since that was his major, but in the updated version of the guidebook, it will of course be the residence hall! Here are a couple fun photos of Tebeau Hall and today’s event:

Tebeau Hall


The Official Ribbon Cutting


Event Attendees, Including Tebeau’s Family

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