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Jean Moule

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MSS Jean Moule Papers, 1984-2011
Accession Number: 2011:044
Shelf Location: AC [1 cubic foot]

Jean Moule Biographical Note:

Receiving her doctorate in education from OSU in 1998, Jean Moule began teaching in the College of Education that same year. Specializing in the topic of multicultural issues in education, Moule authored the book Cultural Competence: a Primer for Educators. Prior to her position at OSU, Moule worked for nearly two decades as a teacher and TAG (Talented and Gifted Program) coordinator for several Oregon (K-12) public schools. From 20o3 to 2009, Moule served as director of OSU’s Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education Immersion Program (a program which she initiated). Moule’s career as an instructor at OSU has included the teaching of online coursework, primarily the class: “Racial and Cultural Harmony in the K-12 Classroom” since 2002.

Collection Content:

This collection consists of materials documenting the instructional career, research, and publication activity of alumnus and Education professor Jean Moule and is made up of books, a certificate, conference papers, correspondence, course materials, family Christmas letters, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, publications, and a doctoral thesis.

Publications that reflect Moule’s writings on multicultural education and other topics include education journals, issues of “Skipping Stones” multicultural magazine, chapters in two books, and the book Cultural Competence: a Primer for Educators. The collection includes a copy of Moule’s thesis, “My Journey with Preservice Teachers: Reflecting on Teacher Characteristics that Bridge Multicultural Education Theory and Classroom Practice” as well as a portfolio with an part of the thesis and information on her career as an instructor and researcher.

Making up about half this collection is documentation relating to Moule’s courses Multicultural Issues in Education (ED 419/519) and Multicultural Issues in Educational Settings (TCE 219) which includes class outlines, student work, and course evaluations/feedback. The examples of student work have not been identified by name and mostly contain thoughts about films shown in class. The assignments contain passages highlighted by Moule which she shared in class.

In addition to Moule’s work with OSU, the collection includes publications reflecting her work as a teacher with Mill City/Gates School District. The photographs depict Moule with her family as well as group shots of students in her Masters of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education Immersion Program.

Oral History Interview Part 1

We are in the process of a multi-part oral history interview with Professor Moule and Part 1 is now available online:

Part 1 Interview Transcript
Part 1 Interview Audio File

Interview Information:
Title: MSS Jean Moule Papers – Oral History Interview Part 1 
Date: 2011-10-17 
Length: 01:29:20
Description: Jean Moule, professor emerita, OSU College of Education, begins by talking about her family, specifically the histories of her father and mother; she reflects on her childhood and school experiences including her early years in New York City and visiting South Carolina, and later being raised in Los Angeles, California; she concludes by discussing her academic experiences, social/political activism, and personal relationship with her husband while at the University of California at Berkeley during the mid-1960s.

Related Materials:

An Addition to the Collection and Part 2 of the Oral History

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