Week 7 – Blog Post: IPIP Results & Reactions

The test shows I’m sociable and lively, enjoying being around people and seeking excitement. I’m also reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled, which means I can handle tasks well. When it comes to feeling things, I’m pretty calm and don’t get too upset easily. I’m not big on trying new things or being imaginative, preferring things to be straightforward and practical. Overall, I’m friendly and energetic, but I might struggle with trying new things and being creative. I was pretty surprised by the results because it described me very well. I did answer a lot of questions though so it makes sense that it could get a good understanding of what I do and prefer.

If a potential employer looks at these results, they might see that I’m good at working with people and staying organized, which could be helpful in many jobs. However, they might also notice that I’m not very adventurous or imaginative, which could be a weakness in roles that require a lot of creativity or trying new things. Additionally, while I’m calm and composed, this might also mean I don’t show a lot of initiative or take risks, which could be important in certain positions. Overall, my strengths lie in being sociable and dependable, but I might need to work on being more open to new ideas and taking on challenges.

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