Week 9 Self Reflection

1. What am I good at?

I am good at showing up on time, with everything I do I always try to be early and stay late. This is something I value in myself because I feel that even if I’m not the best at what I do, you can see I’m always trying to get better. Another thing is my work ethic. I strive to work hard on all my tasks and mixing that with being a reliable person that always shows up I feel that it makes me better every day.

2. What do I value?

I value my family and all the people with me in my walk of life. With the strong support of the people around me I always know that I’m doing something right which goes a long way. I also value criticism because if I can use it to better my future self then I know i’m always growing.

3. How did I get here?

I got here through the support I have received throughout the years. I never take for granted the time people have invested in me and shaping who I am. That comes from my family, friends, sports, school etc.

4. Where am I going?

I am going into a long journey of life. It has only started and so much will change throughout the years. But like the answers to the other questions, that is what I will continue to cherish and some day find out.

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