Week 5 Blog – Typical vs Maximal Performance

In this scenario, I’d pick Avery for the job. Even though Jaime is consistent, Avery’s ability to reach top-notch performance when needed is too good to ignore. While Avery might not always deliver consistent results every day, the potential for outstanding performance outweighs Jaime’s steady output but it’s definitely hard to choose. For a job like sales where closing big deals can make a huge difference, someone like Avery would be a better fit. In sales, landing a few major contracts can make up for periods of lower performance, making Avery’s high potential more valuable than Jaime’s consistency. For jobs where consistency is key, Jaime would shine. In roles like customer service or administration, where reliability is crucial, Jaime’s dependable output would be more valuable. Clients and colleagues rely on consistent service and support, making Jaime the ideal choice for these types of positions.bIn the end, it depends on the nature of the job and what qualities are most important. While Jaime offers consistency, Avery’s potential for exceptional performance makes them the better choice for roles where occasional bursts of brilliance can make a significant impact.

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