Week 1 – Blog Post: The case for recruitment & selection

Organizations often face tough decisions when it comes to resource allocation. In this blog I will offer some insights into why they might choose to prioritize marketing or product design over investing heavily in employee recruitment and selection.

Firstly, marketing and product design are often seen as more directly linked to generating revenue. A flashy marketing campaign or an innovative product can attract customers and drive sales, which can seem like quick wins for the company’s bottom line. Although, the impact of recruitment and selection may not be as immediately effective. It’s more of a long-term investment in building a skilled and motivated workforce, which might not show immediate returns.There might be a perception that marketing and product design are more visible figures of the business. They’re what customers see and interact with, so there’s a pressure to excel in these areas to maintain a competitive edge. On the other hand, the importance of recruitment and selection might not be as obvious to those outside the organization.

However, while focusing on marketing and product design can bring short-term gains, neglecting recruitment and selection can have significant long-term consequences. Without a strong workforce, even the best marketing strategies and products can falter.

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