Week 1 – Blog Post: Job application experiences

The last job I applied for is the current job I am working. The hiring process was quick and easy. I had some prior hiring processes that took forever involving months of communication in order to get things lined up. I was super pleased with my last experience. Interestingly enough I didn’t send in a resume or any documents before I went in for an interview. The company had been looking for someone like me who was ready to come in and start immediately. I simply made contact with the managers and scheduled a time to meet within the next few days. When I arrived I talked with the manager about my prior experiences and what I would be expected to do when I came aboard. After that I got a tour of the facility and met with multiple people I would soon be working with. A few days later I started and there were a few learning curves early on but ultimately the onboarding process was great. The application process made me comfortable coming into the company. I had a feeling it would be a nice and laid back working experience with a friendly atmosphere. As time has passed it has been nothing but that which has been amazing! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help each other.

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