Week 2 – Blog Post: Experience with Discrimination

Upon stumbling across recent news alleging discrimination within my favorite company, I couldn’t help but feel deeply unsettled. This bombshell revelation challenges the positive image I’ve long held of the company. Discrimination, in any form, is something I vehemently oppose, and seeing it associated with a brand I admire is disheartening. Would these allegations change how I feel about the company? Absolutely. While I’ve always respected the company for its innovation and quality, hearing about discriminatory practices makes me question its integrity. It’s hard to continue supporting a company that doesn’t uphold the values of fairness and equality that I hold dear. Would I still support the company? Honestly, probably not. As a conscientious consumer, I believe in voting with my wallet. Supporting a company accused of discrimination goes against everything I stand for. I’d likely look for alternatives that prioritize inclusivity and diversity. Would it affect my willingness to work for the company? Definitely. While working for my favorite company has always been a dream, the discrimination allegations make me think twice. I want to work for a company that values every individual and treats everyone with respect. These allegations tarnish the company’s reputation, making it a less appealing option for employment. The discrimination allegations have made me reassess my relationship with my favorite company. While it’s disappointing to see a beloved brand fall short of my ethical standards, it’s also a wake-up call to prioritize values of fairness and equality in my consumer choices and career decisions.

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