MGMT 548: Employee Recruiting and Selection- Spring 2023

  • IPIP Results & Reactions

    Extraversion- I scored very low in extraversion with a 2. This is not surprising considering I am very introverted, but my job requires me to exhibit extraverted qualities. Agreeableness- I scored very high in this category with a 99, which aligns with my mindset of always keeping the peace, and serving others. Conscientiousness- My score…

  • Typical vs. Maximal Performance

    Personally, if I were a business owner making the hiring decision between Jaime and Avery, I would lean toward hiring Jaime. Hiring someone with a strong work ethic would be on of my top priorities, and despite the fact that Avery possesses all of the skills for the position and is considered one of the…

  • Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

    My Brand: Commitment and integrity are two things that I pride myself on. Employers will know that I am loyal based on my work history, where I have worked for the same company for the past 9 years. I consider myself to be very flexible and teachable, I enjoy taking on new challenges and learning…

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Taylor Christian MGMT 548