The Case for Recruitment and Selection

Why do some companies choose to not put as much effort and money into their recruitment and selection process and focus more on marketing and product design? One reason could be that that company does not yet have the brand recognition to attract the caliber of employees that it may be looking for. Especially when a company is first starting out and does not yet have the bandwidth to hold many positions, that company may rely more heavily on figuring out what they want their product or service to be and what their processes look like as well as getting their name out to more customers through marketing and promotion. Building a brand and establishing product recognition are important foundational steps to running a successful business, but that does not mean that the recruitment and selection process can be completely ignored, but it could become simpler once a strong brand is established.

Although profits may seem stronger with the lower costs associated with recruitment and selection, we have seen that not hiring the right person for the position could end up being more costly in the long run. A company who has strong training procedures and well written processes could be able to avoid some of the negative impacts of poor recruitment and selection because they may find it easier to keep employees on track and establish performance expectations. Outside of recruitment and selection, effective training and communication are crucial to ensuring any employee a company hires is successful in their role.

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