Self Reflection

1. What am I good at? One thing that I feel that I am really good at is critical problem solving, I enjoy analyzing and breaking down an issue and coming up with multiple solutions and then narrowing it down to a final solution. Another thing that I am good at is teaching, even though it has taken me many years to get to that point I now feel like I can find a way to connect what I am trying to teach to almost anyone. I am good at listening to others and being able to empathize and compromise.

2. What do I value? Strong work ethic and commitment are two things that I highly value in myself and my coworkers. I find it hard to tolerate those that do not pull their weight in the work place or do not follow through with commitments that they make. I also value trust and like to be in an environment where I am trusted to do my job and I can also trust others to do what is expected and asked of them. It is difficult when you can not trust your team and feel like you have to micromanage them because then it is more difficult to get your own work done.

3. How did I get here? Perseverance and loyalty have really got me to where I am today. I created a strong connection to my work place and have continued to grow there. There are a lot of decisions I could have made and my life would be completely different. I do not work in a field even remotely related to my field of study, but I found a good work environment that I enjoyed and just never left.

4. Where am I going? Honestly, this question is more difficult for me because I do not really know where I see myself going but I will continue to challenge myself. I hope to continue to grow in my company and take on additional responsibilities. My goal is to keep acquiring as much knowledge and education as I can. One day I could see myself as a VP of Theme Park Operations somewhere.

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