Experiences with Discrimination

Personally, it would be very concerning if I read a news article that one of my favorite companies was facing a lawsuit regarding discrimination, especially if it was proven to be a behavior that was repeated continuously over time and not just one isolated incident. A single plaintiff could potentially file a discrimination lawsuit if they feel like they were wrongfully terminated or not offered a position and they may actually not have any basis for discrimination. It would be more difficult to look past a series of offenses where the company continuously exhibited discriminatory hiring practices. This would reflect poorly on the company’s leadership abilities and paints a negative picture of what kind of culture the company supports and lives out in their daily operations. I would want to try get as many details and facts about the case as possible. I strongly value diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and believe that the ability and willingness to fulfill the responsibilities of the job should be the only factors that determine who we hire. An individuals ethnicity, culture, or religious beliefs do not influence or impact their ability to meet job expectations. If it were proven that the company had an extensive history of discrimination, I would look for alternatives for the service or product that the company provides. Positive workplace culture is important to me when deciding where I want to work. Since this company’s actions do not align with my idea of what workplace culture should look like, I would not consider applying or working there.

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