MB 311 Writing Exercise #5

I think that when you’re peer reviewing someone else’s paper, it makes you think about your own. You start asking yourself questions like “Oh, did I do that?” “Maybe I should have done that instead..” When you start thinking about these things, it makes you become a better writer in my opinion. It gives you a different perspective on things, and it allows you to grow. If you’re reviewing someone else’s paper and you start finding a lot of mistakes, it shows that you know what to necessarily look for/do when writing that paper. If you review someone’s paper and don’t find anything wrong, it could mean one of two things: You actually can’t find anything, or you have no idea how to write the paper in the first place. Either way, you’re going to learn something new every time you do it.

Overall, when it comes to experimental design, peer review makes you see little details that you don’t see with your own writing. And when you make those corrections, that’ll translate over to you already knowing what to, and what not to do in your own design.

Personally, I’ve learned to start looking for things like labeling, how you store things in certain conditions, where you store those things, how to control for confounding variables, and most of all to not over complicate things. I hope to learn more things to look for as we peer review more in the class!

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