MB 311 Writing Exercise #4

Annalisa Casaburi, Paola Piombino, George-John Nychas, Francesco Villan, and Danilo Ercolini in their food microbiology study “Bacterial populations and the volatilome associated to meat spoilage” (2015) states that VOCs in high concentrations (Volatile Organic Compounds) cause rejection and spoilage of meat. The group provides evidence that VOCs cause this spoilage by explaining what certain conditions promotes and indicates VOC growth such as the types of microorganisms responsible, environmental conditions promoting growth, and external indicators such as odors and tissue textures. The purpose of this study is to show how dangerous VOCs can be on commonly consumed meats, so that both the producer and consumer can take safer precautions to not possibly harm themselves. The intended audience of this study are food microbiologists and meat producers.

1: Casaburi A, Piombino P, Nychas GJ, Villan F, Ercolini D. 2015. Bacterial populations and the volatilome associated to meat spoilage. Food Microbiology 45(1):83-102. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fm.2014.02.002

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