Writing Exercise #9

Experiments can absolutely detect differences that matter!!! Experiments are designed to test a hypothesis, which is a question asked by the people who conducted the experiment themselves. When looking at the literature, these questions are usually very important, scientific questions that often benefit a large group of people, and in turn also challenge the current… Continue reading Writing Exercise #9

MB 311 Writing Exercise #7

Adéle Mennerat and Ben C. Sheldon in their microbial ecological study titled “How to Deal with PCR contamination in molecular Microbial Ecology” (2014) state that the use of enzymes such as DNase1 and Sau3AI decontaminate DNA in PCR reagents. Mennerat and Sheldon provide evidence of this via the use of generalized models with Poisson distribution,… Continue reading MB 311 Writing Exercise #7

MB 311 Writing Exercise #6

The command line experience was my first exposure to coding on any type of computer. Needless to say, it was really frustrating at first because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I didn’t really understand what was going on. (Thank god I’m not a CS major) Once I kind of (with… Continue reading MB 311 Writing Exercise #6

MB 311 Writing Exercise #5

I think that when you’re peer reviewing someone else’s paper, it makes you think about your own. You start asking yourself questions like “Oh, did I do that?” “Maybe I should have done that instead..” When you start thinking about these things, it makes you become a better writer in my opinion. It gives you… Continue reading MB 311 Writing Exercise #5

MB 311 Writing Exercise #4

Annalisa Casaburi, Paola Piombino, George-John Nychas, Francesco Villan, and Danilo Ercolini in their food microbiology study “Bacterial populations and the volatilome associated to meat spoilage” (2015) states that VOCs in high concentrations (Volatile Organic Compounds) cause rejection and spoilage of meat. The group provides evidence that VOCs cause this spoilage by explaining what certain conditions… Continue reading MB 311 Writing Exercise #4

Writing Exercise #3

Peer review is a process of reviewing a scientific article for when the author of the article wants it to be published in a bigger publication. Essentially, the article will be submitted to an editor, who will then see if the article is wroth reviewing or not. If deemed so, the article will be sent… Continue reading Writing Exercise #3

Writing Exercise #2

It felt kind of weird to critique someone else’s writing, to be honest. I’m not really the type of person to critique others unless I absolutely know that I know more than them on a certain subject. But, this has given me the opportunity to do that. I think it really forces you to pay… Continue reading Writing Exercise #2

MB 311 Blog Winter 2021 – MD

Writing Exercise #1: “List as many characteristics of microbial populations you can think of. How does this differ from a microbial community?” I can think of a ton of characteristics within a microbial population. Does this population have access to sunlight? What about oxygen? How much water does this population get? What preys on this population,… Continue reading MB 311 Blog Winter 2021 – MD