Writing Exercise #2

It felt kind of weird to critique someone else’s writing, to be honest. I’m not really the type of person to critique others unless I absolutely know that I know more than them on a certain subject. But, this has given me the opportunity to do that. I think it really forces you to pay attention to someone’s ideas, and you really get to see how they think. It really shows you how we’re all unique in our own ways, and we ESPECIALLY don’t all think the same way. It also shows that you have weaknesses compared to others, and strengths compared to some.

Most of all this has made me think of the structure of my own paper, and what I’ve been missing from it. It’s really interesting for me that the fact that critiquing someone else’s work makes me want to critique my own a lot harder than I usually do. So far I’ve learned that my paper is definitely missing a lot of detail in my methods section, what equipment I plan on using, and just general convincing for the audience that I plan on presenting to. I think some people forget that not everyone understands scientific jargon and what not, so I need to give some more context in my paper for that specific audience.

Furthermore, I need to be more specific on what I actually plan to do with this information once I obtain it. I think I’m going to include some info on that, just because my proposal revolves around food that most people eat every single day.

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