What am I good at?

Some of my strengths include my determination, work ethic, and my ability to consider alternate perspectives. Throughout my years in school, I have developed a very strong work ethic, almost always putting my best foot forward and working hard to do the best I can at tasks. Additionally, I have a very open mind, allowing me to view alternate perspectives on different issues and situations, which allows me to have a more holistic view on my surroundings rather than a narrow view.

What do I value?

In a job, I value having fulfilling work. While money is important, I would much rather be working in a job that I am passionate about and can have fun doing it. I want my work to impact others positively.

How did I get here?

Ultimately, I got where I am today with a strong sense of work ethic and adventure. With my work ethic being developed very early on in life, I have had the dedication to work hard throughout my academic years and put myself in a great spot moving forward. Additionally, I have learned to love the process of achieving my goals, often reflecting on ways that I can learn and grow.

Where am I going?

If I keep up my hard work, I believe I am on the right path to finding a fulfilling career. I want my career search to be driven by my passions, which at the moment include sports and impacting others positively. While I know my journey will not be easy, I am confident that I can do nearly anything I set my mind to, especially after making it this far.

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