IPIP Results and Reactions

Here are what my results say about my five dimensions of personality:

Extraversion: I scored a 67 on the scale of extroversion, meaning that I am “neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox”. I feel as though this is decently accurate, as I do love being around the right people and crave social interaction, but often times get nervous or try to avoid certain social situations.

Agreeableness: I scored an 84 on the scale of agreeableness, meaning that tend to have a great interest for those around me’s needs and well-being. I consider myself a very empathetic person, thus I believe this is accurate. I often find myself worrying about those I care about and letting their emotions affect myself.

Conscientiousness: I scored a 51 on the scale of conscientiousness, meaning that I am “reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled”. I found it interesting that I got higher scores in the “achievement-striving” and “cautiousness” categories of this dimension. While I consider myself motivated to be reliable and other aspects of conscientiousness, I acknowledge that I am not always perfect.

Neuroticism: I scored a 73 on neuroticism, which I found surprising. Looking at the breakdown of the categories, it because more clear why I scored so high. I tend to be a very cautious, worrisome, anxious person. While I am able to control it, I do sometimes get irritated easily with everyday tasks (such as road rage). The description says that according to my results, I probably am a sensitive and emotional person, which I also would consider to be true.

Openness to experience: I scored a 43 on openness to experience, which is considered average. According to the description, I like to try new things and be adventurous, but also like to have some routine and structure in my life.

If a potential employer was looking at these results, I am confident they could derive several strengths and weaknesses in my personality. First, I believe my high score in agreeableness could be an attractive trait, as it shows I am pleasant to be around and cooperative, always striving for social harmony and being a help in any way that I can. Additionally, my score with conscientiousness is high enough to show that I can be reliable and dependable, as well as organized (however I acknowledge this score could definietly be higher and more attractive). Next, a potential strength that an employer may see in my extroversion score could be that I am able to do well in both group and individual environments. In a job, I am sure I will have moments where I need to complete individual work, but then turn right around and be able to work effectively with a team.

As far as weaknesses go, my higher score on the neuroticism scale could highlight a few potential weaknesses. First, being an anxious person could be seen as a disadvantage as I may have several roadblocks holding me back from my full potential due to nervousness. Additionally, my high score in the vulnerability aspect shows that I don’t always work very well under pressure and get stressed easily, which may be seen as a disadvantage for certain types of jobs.

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