Experiences with Discrimination

If I came across a piece of media reporting that one of my favorite companies or brands was being faced with a lawsuit accusing them of widespread discrimination against individuals that I may associate with, I cannot say it would not change how I felt about the company overall. There has been increasing pressure on organizations to have social responsibility and contribute positively to society in one way or another, and consumers are becoming decreasingly tolerant of any slip-ups. If I was faced with this information, I would most definitely view the company differently and face an internal pressure to stop supporting them. However, depending on the company, this may be easier said than done.

From personal experience, I have sometimes found it difficult to completely boycott organizations that have been accused of taking actions that go against my personal values. However, when it comes to discrimination (especially discrimination that is widespread rather than an isolated incident), I have a low tolerance. If the company is one that I can easily dispose of without disrupting too much of my current lifestyle, I would almost definitely choose to discontinue supporting it immediately. However, if the company is one that is engrained in my everyday life (such as the convenience of Amazon), it may take me more time to phase the company out of my lifestyle. Regardless, I would make it my goal to get a better understanding of the situation and ultimately remove my support.

From an employment perspective, I would definitely avoid applying for an organization that discriminates against a group/belief system I associate with, let alone discriminate against any member. Company culture is extremely important to me, and widespread discrimination against any group is an indicator of a toxic environment that I do not want to be a part of.

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One thought on “Experiences with Discrimination”

  1. Hi Anna, I like the analytical approach you took to this question. I feel the same in that it would depend on the depth and impact of the mistake and what steps the company took to correct it. If we take a closer look at all companies we support, we may find more instances than we would like to know of their unacceptable behavior.

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