Paige Sedgwick – HC Student Spotlight

She may only be finishing her second year at OSU, but Paige Sedgwick has already earned a reputation as someone who enjoys helping others. As a campus tour guide, she gets to help students through one of the biggest decisions of their lives – where to go to college. For her, it’s the best job […]

Rylie Tiffin – HC Student Spotlight

Rylie Tiffin first became interested in healthcare management during her junior year in high school, after a research project on employee engagement in hospitals led her to discover that burnout among healthcare workers resulted in lower quality patient care. This insight stuck with her, inspiring Rylie – now a third-year Honors College student – to […]

Honors College Scholarships Transform Students’ Experiences

Every student comes to the Honors College with their own unique perspectives, talents and interests, ready to develop and explore. They share experiences through classes, research, the honors thesis and other activities while forging their individual paths. But their financial situations are their own. This year in the Honors College, about 36% of students have […]

Belinda Batten and Melissa Cheyney named OSU Honors College Eminent Professors

The Oregon State University Honors College has named Dr. Belinda A. Batten from the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Dr. Melissa Cheyney from the School of Language, Culture and Society as the 2020 Honors College Eminent Professors. These annual awards recognize faculty members for outstanding teaching, research and service to the Honors […]

From College to Career

As I am nearing the end of my college career, one thing keeps popping up in my mind: finding a job. I have spent many hours updating my resume, revising my cover letters, and then revising them yet again before sending them off to various job applications. While this may sound daunting or tiring, it […]

Cora White Selected for MCORRP Internship

The Oregon State University Honors College is proud to announce that junior honors biochemistry and molecular biology student Cora White has been selected to attend the 2019 Michigan Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Program (MCORRP) summer internship. Each year, one honors student is selected from a competitive pool of applicants to receive a scholarship in […]

Brewing Up Her Thesis

While Honors College microbiology senior Sushumna Canakapalli homebrewed ginger beer, a favorite pastime, it struck her: this could be her honors thesis!   “My microbiology classes, studying genome sequencing – because that’s the way microbiology is going – along with a course on the human microbiome were catalysts. I was making ginger beer, and my […]

The Honors College and Center for the Humanities Announce Inaugural Summer Internship Recipients

The Oregon State University Honors College and Center for the Humanities have announced the first participants in a jointly-sponsored competitive summer internship program. Honors College students Maia Insinga, Mahal Miles and Mohammed Shakibnia will work with their faculty mentors on collaborative projects designed to enhance their professional skills and development and advance faculty research. Insinga […]

From Farm to Periodic Table

Cows, engineering, and polymers. These three words written on an interviewer’s notecard keep myself centered around where I’ve been, where I am currently, and where I want to go in life. Growing up in a small coastal town in northern California, I had hardly ever heard of Chemical Engineering before my senior year of high […]