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As I am nearing the end of my college career, one thing keeps popping up in my mind: finding a job. I have spent many hours updating my resume, revising my cover letters, and then revising them yet again before sending them off to various job applications. While this may sound daunting or tiring, it is actually invigorating and exciting! While some interviews go better than others I am able to learn from each one, modifying my approach and perspective.

Robyn Wells outside the Memorial Union.

This was not always my go-to mindset, when I first came to OSU as a freshman I had the tendency to worry a lot and to think of events in life as a linear process. Throughout the past few years, I have become more comfortable with the unknown, as it is normally the best way to learn!

In general, the Honors College has helped prepare me for starting this next stage in my life. The small classes have created a great learning environment to absorb class materials, and my thesis project has developed my project management skills and has taught me a whole other side of engineering (Human Factors Engineering) that I would have otherwise not known. There have also been numerous events and activities related to learning about industries, industry professionals, and professional development. In particular, I would like to highlight two things that will have a long-lasting impact on me as I begin my career.

The first is an Honors Colloquial class I am taking this term called “Last Year Experience”. This colloquial has everything that a soon-to-be-graduate would want to learn! Like most Honors Colloquial it has only 12 students, creating a great environment to discuss important and meaningful topics. We have discussed how to interview well and what industries are looking for in recent college graduates. We’ve heard from OSU alumni about their career path, goals, mistakes, how they’ve changed, and what’s stayed the same. We’ve delved into personal finance and gap year options. We have identified what our personal values are, what is important to us, and how we can best be happy in whatever stage of life we are in. This class has been incredibly valuable to me, not only because I am learning skills on how to succeed in a career but also because life is about pursuing happiness and fulfillment, and that looks different for everyone.

The other major impact is the friends that I have made. My closest friends to this day are the people that I met when I lived in West Hall for my first year. Three people, in particular, have stayed in my life, even though they have all graduated nearly a year ago and live in different parts of the country now. One incredibly unique aspect of living in an honors living-learning community is that all of the students are passionate, driven, and interested in very diverse topics. My closest friends majored in food science, chemical engineering, and microbiology which are very different than my chosen major, mechanical engineering. I was able to learn from them, their experiences, and their perspective.

Overall my time here at OSU has been incredible. I have learned from classes, experiences, and people to become a better version of myself. While I am excited about this new chapter in my life, I will always treasure my time at OSU.

Robyn graduated from OSU with an Honors Baccalaureate Degree in Mechanical Engineering in spring 2019. Read more about Robyn’s Honors College thesis experience.

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