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Patrick Callagy – HC Student Spotlight

Patrick holding a lamb.

Before coming to Oregon State University, honors biology major Patrick Callagy lacked confidence in his social, academic, and professional skills. After nearly four years at Oregon State, Patrick’s skills and confidence have grown dramatically, and he has worked to inspire those around him to grow as well.

Taking advantage of every opportunity that came his way helped him gain skills and confidence. “The only way to get through that [shyness] is to practice over and over,” he says.

In his time at Oregon State University, Patrick has been a part of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, the Pre-Veterinary Scholars Program, the lambing crew, the Honors College Student Association (HCSA) and several other clubs. He has worked as a Team of Undergraduate Recruiters (TOUR) Ambassador, an Honors College Peer Mentor and a Resident Assistant in Sackett Hall — a residence hall housing an honors living-learning community — for three years. 

“Working as a TOUR ambassador has really helped with my professional development, working in a team, and time management,” Patrick says.

He hasn’t done all of this alone, however. Every term, Patrick makes it a point to meet with his Honors College advisor to discuss the next steps of his college career. 

“Getting a debrief is a good idea; things come up, and [talking with your advisor] helps you make sure you’re on track to graduate in the time you want,” he says.

In fall term 2020, Patrick volunteered at the Pumpkin Decorating, virtual Friendsgiving, and Coffee with Alumni events offered by the HCSA. 

“I always try to volunteer my time whenever I can,” he says. “I’m always trying to help out other people because I would value their help if the roles were reversed.”

Patrick recommends students both take and give help whenever they can, wherever they can, especially if they struggle with self-confidence. 

“Take the help. Force yourself to go into situations you might not initially like,” he says. “You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet.”

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