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Tucker Cochenour – Honors College Class of 2020

Tucker Cochenour, an honors political science and economics major, has been a dedicated and engaged Honors College student and community member since the beginning of his undergrad experience. Tucker has continued to shine in different sectors of the Oregon State community, passionately committed to his academics, thesis, and community during his time here.

Tucker initially chose Oregon State for its STEM opportunities and the Honors College’s close-knit spirit. Even after changing his degree plans to major in political science and economics, he continued to build deep connections with OSU, the HC, and the local community.

While at Oregon State, Tucker has enjoyed classes such as PS 375H: Civil Rights Movement and Policies, merging his Honors experience with his course of study.

Another way Tucker has been able to connect the HC with his major is through his thesis project.

His thesis, which he has collaborated on with Dr. Rorie Solberg, focuses on the United States immigration courts, with special attention to those adjudicating the cases and how the Trump administration has affected decision-making in the courts.

Tucker says that the Honors College has been valuable for him in “so many ways.” He has thoroughly enjoyed his thesis project and the experiences he has had as a community member and part of the Honors College Student Association, which he has been involved with since his freshman year. Some of his favorite memories of his undergrad are thanks to the HC — like the chance he had to help plan the Honors Gala last spring. Through events like these, he has made lifelong friends at Oregon State and in the HC.

Though he is sad to close this chapter, Tucker is excited for his future. After graduating, he will be attending law school at University of California, Berkeley to continue his education. Though he is unsure what exact path of law he will take, Tucker is thrilled to broaden his academic horizons through this new academic adventure.

Tucker’s advice for students who are planning on attending Oregon State and the HC is to get involved, specifically with Honors X and the HCSA. Being so integrated into the Honors College community is ultimately what made his experience so valuable, and he credits the HC with helping him grow as a student and as an individual.

He also advises students to enjoy the local community that Oregon State has to offer. Corvallis has become an important part of his experience as a student, and he encourages incoming students to explore it during their time as an undergrad.

Tucker says, “Corvallis is bound to grow on you — it’s going to grow on you even more if you’re in the Honors College.”

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