Motivation For Compensation

During my Spring term of 2021, a fraternity member of mine mention to me about a job opportunity that he thought I would be great at. The job was to become an LAE at Total Quality Logistics. TQL is a third party logistics firm that organizes freight shipments and finds drivers to fill those shipments and brokers make a commission off that. After doing my personal research on the company it has really led me to accept the offer that company gave to me. I actually visited the company before this blog post and the work environment is very relaxing, it’s not super serious and quiet. More so, an environment that is supportive yet everyone is trying to achieve the same goal and with that comes a lot of money. During this interview process, they kept drilling me with how much money their office makes and how there is a lot more they will make as the year progresses. Money is not everything to me, but I also have never made 100,000 dollars in my life and I am sure that feels very good. To answer this weeks blog question, I accepted the job offer in spite of the fact that there is a great opportunity to make a large sum of money if I choose to work hard for it. I know it will not be easy at times, but they have a great training program that will set me up for the right success and give me the tools to win weekly and monthly sales goals.

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