Personal Experience

I have worked several different jobs throughout my life so far. Something that has caught my eye is how job descriptions are for each of the job that I have had. I have not had to apply online for all my jobs, for instance, when I worked at a restaurant in my hometown I dropped my resumé off and later received a call about a potential job. As many people will probably say, you hear the real job duties during your interview and often times whatever you do see online, you may only do a couple of those tasks listed. When I worked at Enterprise as a service agent, some of the job duties included oil changes. I never once had to change the oil on a car, I only cleaned them and prepared them for their next use. The point is, I think companies want to seem professional or look bigger than they actually are. At the end of the day, I think tasks are different everyday. Sometimes you will be doing something that isn’t on the job description and that is okay.

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