Effective and Ineffective Interviews

I have been through a couple interviews in my life and more recently I had a big set of interviews with the company I am working for starting in September. In the past, the interviews have mostly been getting to know me and my overall ability to work. While some of the other interviews have been mostly chats about the position and the benefits of working for that company. My earlier interviews were for positions at the bottom of the totem pole so the employer didn’t dive that deep into myself, as long as I wasn’t a felon the job was pretty much mine. My recent set of interviews was a gauntlet of stuff consisting of testing my knowledge on the industry and company, later as I moved through the process I was meeting with higher level employees and they would continue to get to know me and sell me on the position. In my opinion I think both instances were effective. On one side the interviews were simple and less stressful, while on the other interview it was really a test to impress this company, which I liked. If I had to go back and give improvement it would be more in person style. Some of my interviews were on zoom which I understand given the times, however I want a chance to impress the employer in person.

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