Stress: How We Deal With it

Prior to taking some of the practice tests on stress, I took some time to reflect on what makes me stressed out. I reflected on times at work where I have felt under pressure and how I reacted to that pressure. I thought of experiences in sports that have helped me build a strong response… Continue reading Stress: How We Deal With it

Motivation For Compensation

During my Spring term of 2021, a fraternity member of mine mention to me about a job opportunity that he thought I would be great at. The job was to become an LAE at Total Quality Logistics. TQL is a third party logistics firm that organizes freight shipments and finds drivers to fill those shipments… Continue reading Motivation For Compensation

Things to Improve

I believe most job descriptions are good and that they do a great job telling the potential employee their tasks and what they may see day to day. In the future I would enjoy seeing a more complete list of the day to day tasks before the interview. I see of lot of requirements before… Continue reading Things to Improve

Personal Experience

I have worked several different jobs throughout my life so far. Something that has caught my eye is how job descriptions are for each of the job that I have had. I have not had to apply online for all my jobs, for instance, when I worked at a restaurant in my hometown I dropped… Continue reading Personal Experience