Stress: How We Deal With it

Prior to taking some of the practice tests on stress, I took some time to reflect on what makes me stressed out. I reflected on times at work where I have felt under pressure and how I reacted to that pressure. I thought of experiences in sports that have helped me build a strong response to high pressure or stressful situations and how that will help me in the future.

After taking the Type A personality survey, I scored a 44. Based on those results that is a moderate to low score, which I guess is a positive, however it could be unhealthy. I felt as though some of the questions didn’t help my case because I had never experienced some of the questions. I felt as though I answered them honestly and received solid results. I don’t particularly feel that I am a stressful person, I experience stress as much as the next person and honestly attack stress as well as anyone. I get my work done on time and in great effort, however sometimes things upset me and I react to whatever that is. I don’t feel like I negatively affect those around me to where it is hostile, but I do demand results to conflict if those situations arise.

I think I can learn a lot from this assignment. Stress is an something that can always be looked at and worked on. It is important to be able to find new ways and learn from the past on how to tackle future stress. Especially at the workplace, as I get older I will experience new stress that I comes with age and I will have to adapt on the spot.

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