Andrew “Drew” Bullard, class of 2024, studies natural resources, fish and wildlife option. He spent this summer at an internship with Roseburg Forest Products, at their western regional office in Dillard, Oregon. His title was Forest Operations, with a focus on Forest Engineering.

What is a memory that sticks out?
A memory that sticks out to me was a true representation of fellowship in the workplace. Me and two co-workers had just finished one of the hardest unit layouts and stream buffers of the quarterly plan – code-named “canine radar”. After climbing 1,000 plus feet in slope distance, at approximately 80-90 percent grade, we sat down to talk, all winded and out of breath. It was the perfect example of how the forestry field brings people together through struggle and difficulty. We all 3 sat, talking about hunting for about 10 minutes, and then continued on. As we looked over the beautiful landscape littered with elk, that 10 minutes made the entire day feel like no work had even been done, but rather just another day in the woods. I think that is the beauty of forestry as a whole – we get to work in the places we love, with awesome people, and often times, it doesn’t even feel like work.

How will this job help you in your classes or future career?
This internship with Roseburg significantly contributed to my understanding of forestry in the real work world, and was valuable for personal growth and development as a result of those around me. I am looking forward to continuing my education in the field of natural resources, and the future that is ahead of me.

What is the correct way to photograph a fish?
The correct way to photograph a fish is with its head in the water, maintaining oxygen flow to its gills – this reduces stress and chances of mortality. Hero shots aren’t cool, if the fish doesn’t swim away – the fish are the real heros.

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