Sydney in New Zealand with keas, a bird unique to the area

Major & specialization area: Forest Engineering

Why did you choose your degree program/major?
My junior year of high school, I interned for the Bureau of Land Management’s Walter Horning Tree and Seed Orchard. Being on the growing/reforestation side gave me a unique perspective of the forest industry, and I wanted to learn more. I found OSU’s Forest Engineering (FE) program at the College of Forestry (CoF), and the rest was history.

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a student?
My favorite experience was definitely field school. Here, I made connections that would be fostered throughout my time here at OSU, creating a tight-knit community that I have enjoyed growing and learning with. Not to mention, swimming at the lake was a fun way to wrap up a summer.

Have you participated in any experiential learning opportunities? How has this impacted your student experience?
I have had the opportunity and blessing to participate in two study abroad experiences and several internships throughout the course of my program. My study abroad experiences include a semester at the Université Laval in Québec, Canada and a semester at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. These allowed me to learn some global perspectives to forestry while exploring a new and unique country. A couple highlights of my internships include working on the FE crew at the OSU Research Forests and working on a riparian monitoring research project with OSU faculty and graduate students (through the CoF Mentored Employment Program). These internships gave me helpful hands-on experience in forestry, as well as let me explore different avenues to applying an FE degree.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will be working as a Forest Engineer at Lone Rock Timber Management in Roseburg, OR.

What’s one thing (or piece of advice) that you would like incoming OSU students to know?
Look at the OSU Jobs catalog and mentorship programs for job opportunities! It is a great opportunity to learn and get experience in your field all while making money to fund your education. Even talking to professors– many of which also work on research– can lead to job opportunities. Through the OSU Jobs catalog, I found a student position at the U.S. Forest Service PNW Research Station (across the parking lot from Richardson Hall), which allowed me to get forestry/research experience my freshman year within a 5 minute walk from my dorm. The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty!

Have you received any scholarships from OSU or the College of Forestry? If so, what has it helped you accomplish?
The Dorothy D. Hoener Memorial Scholarship helped me continue my FE degree program here at OSU. My education is completely self-funded so generous scholarships such as this are what make it all possible. Additionally, OSU and the CoF were able to support me in applying for the Gilman Scholarship Program. This scholarship program was vital to my study abroad at the Université Laval in Québec, Canada, where I took courses in French that counted towards my Forest Engineering degree.

What are your go-to snacks?
I’m not sure if this counts as a snack, but my go-to is definitely sparkling water. I’m always cracking cans of that stuff in class.

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