Danielle Melcher worked a little over 1200 hours for the Forest Service fighting fires last summer. As a Forestry major pursuing the forest restoration and fire option, she’s always been interested in the way fires and other disturbances affect different ecosystems. After her season with the Forest Service, she is also more interested in the different types of fuel reduction as well as other types of forest management that can take place.

Why did you choose OSU for college?
I talked to a lot of OSU alumni and they all talked about how great the communities were on campus. After many school field trips and talking to the staff here on campus I knew the College of Forestry usually had a smaller enrollment and that meant I would be in smaller lectures, which I strongly prefer. 

What kind of future, plans, or career are you hoping to pursue after you graduate?
After my undergrad, I hope to earn my Masters in Forestry and continue working for the Forest Service. Once my schooling is done I hope to work towards becoming a Fire Management Officer and eventually become a District Ranger. 

What was your experience like fighting fires for the forest service last summer?
Joining the crew with little to no experience in that type of work made it a little hectic at first but my crew was very helpful. In my first season, I was able to see many different kinds of fires from type 5 grass fires to type 1 forest fire. Overall, my first season was a great experience and the people on my crew made long days of work much more enjoyable.

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