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Team: Please read the following notice from the Web & Mobile team.

I will update our documentation in the KB shortly.


Our current campus map at oregonstate.edu/campusmap will be redirected to our new application at map.oregonstate.edu on the morning of Wednesday, November 15th.

The new map has been in beta mode for a few months and undergone various improvements and bug fixes based on feedback during this time. The new map was designed from the ground up to be effective in all mobile devices, as well as desktops. This project is a collaboration between various groups across campus, and takes advantage of our Apigee API Gateway.

Since the design is different than the old map, we might get some questions about it. If you are part of a support team (like the Service Desk) we recommend spending a few minutes looking at the new map if you haven’t already done so. You can see the map at https://map.oregonstate.edu.

We will keep adding features to the map in the short and long term. Our next two projects are adding parking, and more ADA information. We do not have a timeline for these.

Some potential questions or comments:

  • I cannot find “this building”.
    If you get that question, make sure to note exactly what they were searching for. We have the ability to add search terms to the system to accommodate some of these requests if they make sense.
  • How do I search / I cannot find the search?
    In mobile devices, the bottom right hand corner has a magnifying glass on an orange background with the words “Explore” below it. This opens the search and layers areas. In a desktop browser, the area is already open, and you can start typing in the search box.
  • Can I see my location?
    On mobile, right below the search box, there is a “Show my location” button. Clicking it will prompt the user to allow our request to get their location. Clicking “OK” will then add a pin to the map of the users’ location.