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Mac Printing to ISCS-PrintQ

For printers that have moved to the new core we’re currently updating printers manually on Macs. At this point we’re using the following process to set up printing to the new print server:


For the SMB URL, use iscs-printq.tss.oregonstate.edu for the server and the queue name listed in inventory. For example:


I will be working with James to automate this process through Casper but this is the process for now should someone call in. Alternatively, if this process doesn’t work, the old LPD method still works with the printer’s new IP address but please use that as a last resort.

Identifying IP vs. Print Server Departments

In an effort to help everyone identify which departments have had their printers migrated over to the print server I’m updating Inventory by marking printers as inactive and adding just one printer record called ISCS-PrintQ. Specific details about these printers can be found in the comments section of the ISCS-PrintQ record. Since the E-Interview pulls from Inventory you will now only see ISCS-PrintQ as an option for migrated departments. Take a look at Board of Trustees in Inventory for an example.