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Bringing Walkup Customers to 213

Now that we are in our new layout, it is time to start bringing walk-up customers from 201 into the remodeled 213 area.

The following is the threshold for helping customers in 201:

  • Less than 3 minutes: if the customer’s request can be solved in less than 3 minutes, we will help them at the welcome desk in 201. 
    • Examples: Email setup on a phone. Wireless setup.
  • More than 3 minutes: Create the ticket with the brief synopsis of what the customer needs. Ask the customer to wait a moment. Go to 213/213A and find an available technician to help. Bring the tech back to 201 to meet the customer and brief them on the customer’s request.

Student technicians working in 201:

  • Welcome desk: your task is to keep customers flowing and not let people bottleneck at the front. If a problem cannot be solved in under 3 minutes, find a technician in 213/213A to help them. If there are no walk-up customers, work on tickets. No builds at the welcome desk.
  • Desks in 201: your primary task is to answer the phone. If no one in 213/213A is available to help a walk-up customer, you may help them at a desk in 201. If there are no calls, work on tickets or builds.

Student technicians working in 213:

  • Desks in 213/213A: your primary task is to answer the phone. If there are no calls, work on tickets or builds. If a walk-up customer comes in and you are available, AUX your phone and help the customer.


  • Mentors (full time staff) working in 213/213A and 201 will be available to assist technicians helping both walk-up customers and customers on the phone.
  • Mentors will have an orange cone on the end of their desk to indicate they are available to help. 
  • Mentors should also help the welcome desk folks ensure the smooth hand-off of customers to a technician at a desk.

Mentor documentation has been updated here to reflect this change: IS Service Desk Process Guide – Staff Roles

Weekends and Evenings

The above instructions apply to Monday-Friday 8am-5pm hours. During weekend and evening hours, all student technicians should be working in 201 and assisting customers there.