If Something Is Broke…


Our first responsibility is to get our users back up and running as quickly as possible. Often this involves a work-around that doesn’t address the underlying issue. But if the customer is good to go, it’s okay to close the ticket.

However, our second responsibility is to fix the problem. If a service or device is not behaving as it should, please let someone know. Even just dropping a note into Slack would be a good place to start.

As a specific example: if a computer or printer in one of the main computing labs (e.g. Milne, Tykeson, ILLC, Slug lab) is not working properly, or if there seems to be a BeaverPrint issue going on,  please put a note in the #is-campus-labs channel on Slack.

If you are not sure who to notify, tell a supervisor. If a problem is widespread, we may need to create an outage ticket and escalate to tier 2 teams.

But even short of an outage – if a service is just behaving in a less-than-great way, please pass on that feedback. You can always send a heads up to me (Kirsten Petersen) on Slack. I frequently take such feedback to service owners to make them aware of what customers are reporting.

Thank you for your assistance with this!

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