Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference Award Winners

Lightning Talk: Andrew Brereton
Poster (Grad student): Nicole Kirchoff
Poster (Undergrad student): Kayla Stalheim


8:00Registration & refreshments (Poster & lightning talk slides setup) 
9:00Brett Tyler, Director, CGRB
  Opening Remarks
  Moderator: David Hendrix
9:10Daniel Rokhsar, UC Berkeley
  Population genomics of diverse plants: you can see a lot just by looking
10:00Break (Poster & lightning talk slides setup)
10:30Sandra Loesgen, OSU, Chemistry
  New anti-infective drug leads from natural sources
10:55Weihong Qiu, OSU, Physics
   Shining light on the mechanism of kinesin autoinhibition
11:20Lightning talks   Moderator: Glencora Borradaile
12:30Lunch and Poster Session & Lightning Talk slides presentation judging 
Turn in poster & lightning talk ballot envelopes to registration desk by 1:45 pm for counting
  Moderator: Yuan Jiang
1:45Perry Hystad, OSU, Public Health and Human Sciences
  Health Effects of Air Pollution: A Global Perspective
2:10Duo Jiang, OSU, Statistics
  Statistical methods for genetic association mapping of binary traits
2:40David Hendrix, OSU, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  Gene and microRNA expression changes in Human Cerebral Aneurysms
 Moderator: Stephen Ramsey
3:25Arup Indra, OSU, Pharmacy
  Inflammation and Cancer : Role of “Nano-environment” in disease remodeling
3:50Awards Ceremony, Brett Tyler
4:00Richard Edward Green, UC Santa Cruz
  Simple and powerful – a new assembly approach for generating or improving genome assemblies
4:50Thomas Dietterich, OSU, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  Closing Remarks
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