Fall Term 2020
September 30, 2020Liang Huang
Oregon State University
Fighting COVID-19 with RNA Folding and RNA Design
October 14, 2020Mak Saito
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Host: Steve Giovannoni
Exploring the use of metals in biogeochemically important enzymes in the oceans, and development of the Biogeochemical AUV Clio and the Ocean Protein Portal
October 28, 2020Scott Doney
University of Virginia
Host: Kim Halsey
Developing models of marine planktonic systems
November 18, 2020A. Murat Eren
University of Chicago
Host: Maude David and Steve Giovannoni
High-resolution insights into the genomic dynamism of closely related gut microbial populations in unrelated humans
December 2, 2020Katherine Amato
Northwestern University
Host: Tom Sharpton
A case for comparative research: Using primates to gain insight into the human gut microbiome
Winter Term 2021
January 20, 2021Maria Clara Franco (Maca)
Oregon State University
Host: Michael Freitag
The relevance of oxidatively-modified proteins as therapeutic tumor-directed targets
February 3, 2021Bruce Hungate
Northern Arizona University
Host: David Myrold
Frontiers in ecosystem science: microbial ecology to biogeochemistry
February 17, 2021Yuanchao Wang
Nanjing Agricultural University
Host: Brett Tyler
The story of XEG1: From a core effector to broad spectrum resistance
March 3, 2021Francesca Marassi
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Host: Elisar Barbar
Spring Term 2021
March 31, 2021Martin Egan
University of Arkansas
Host: Weihong Qiu
Forging the Rings of Power – Formation and remodeling of higher-order septin structures for plant invasion by the blast fungus
April 14, 2021Clare Bird
University of Stirling
Host: Jennifer Fehrenbacher
The microbiomes of single cells
April 28, 2021Zachary Lippman
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Host: Steven Strauss
Dissecting and exploiting mechanisms of quantitative trait variation in pl
May 12, 2021Xiangshu Xiao
Oregon Health & Science University
Host: Siva Kolluri
Cancer Drug Discovery Targeting Transcription and DNA Repair
May 26, 2021Peter Ralph
University of Oregon
Host: Aaron Liston