Saturday-Sunday, September 29-30, 2007


12:00 pmRegistration and Poster setup
1:00Jim Carrington, Director, CGRB Welcome, Updates and Announcements
1:20Gary Merrill, Biochemistry and Biophysics “MCB Core Program Curriculum Revisions”
1:35Darryl Conte, University of Massachusetts Medical Center “Dicer-Related Helicases: Defining Conserved Complexes and New RNAi-Related Pathways in C. elegans”
2:10Tai Montgomery, MCB Graduate Program “ARGONAUTEs and Silencing Specificity”
3:05Siva Kullori, Environmental and Molecular Toxicology “Signaling from Nucleus to Mitochondria: Nuclear Receptor Nur77 Based Cancer Therapeutics”
3:30Michael Freitag, Biochemistry and Biophysics “Centromere Assembly and Maintenance”
3:55Shelley Halpain, University of California, San Diego “MAPs, MARCKS, and Morphology: A Few Keys to Neuronal Development”
5:00Poster Session, Sponsors’ Displays and Open Bar
8:00-12:00 Entertainment, Announcement of Awards
8:45 amJeff Chang, Botany and Plant Pathology “Functional Genomic Screen for Type III Effectors of Mutualistic Rhizobia”
9:10Martin Schuster, Microbiology “Social Cheating in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing”
9:35Jennifer Nemhauser, University of Washington “Manipulation and Dissection of Plant Growth Control Networks”
10:45Valerian Dolja, Botany and Plant Pathology “Origin of Viruses and Cells in Light of Comparative Genomics”
11:10Joe Beckman, Linus Pauling Institute “Mass Spectometry of Native Proteins from Brain: Understanding How SOD Causes ALS”
11:35Theresa Filtz, Pharmaceutical Sciences “Lipids, Dimers, Phosphates, Calcium and Lipase: Fine Tuning the Regulation of a Common Signaling Pathway”
12:00 pmLunch