Fall Term 2010
October 6, 2010Sophien Kamoun
The Sainsbury Laboratory
John Innes Centre
Norwich, United Kingdom

“The secrets of a plant killer: Evolution and function of Phytophthora effectors”

Host: Niklaus Grunwald
October 20, 2010Matteo Pellegrini
Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
University of California, Los Angeles

“Epigenetic and Transcriptomic Profiling using Illumina Sequencers”

Host: Jim Carrington
November 3, 2010Canceled
November 17, 2010Judith Berman
Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development
University of Minnesota

“Centromeres and neocentromeres in Candida albicans”

Host: Michael Freitag
December 1, 2010
Postponed to January 26, 2011
Inder Verma
Laboratory of Genetics
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

“Cancer: a malady of genes”

Host: Arup Indra
Winter Term 2011
January 12, 2011Cancelled
January 26, 2011Inder Verma
Laboratory of Genetics
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

“Cancer: a malady of genes”

Host: Arup Indra
February 9, 2011W. Kelley Thomas
Hubbard Center for Genome Studies
University of New Hampshire

“Ultra-deep 454 sequencing of the meiofaunal biosphere: practice, promises and pitfalls”

Host: Dee Denver
February 23, 2011Cancelled
March 9, 2011
Danny Schnell
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

“Studies of Chloroplast Protein Targeting and Membrane Expansion as a Model for Understanding Organelle Biogenesis and Homeostasis”

Host: Valerian Dolja
Spring Term 2011
April 6, 2011Ruedi Aebersold
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

“Proteomics and Systems Biology”

Host: Mark Leid
April 20, 2011Jeffrey Townsend
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
Yale University
“Phylogenetic and comparative transcriptomic analysis of fungal fruiting body development”Host: Joey Spatafora
Friday, April 29, 2011Ellen Rothenberg
Division of Biology
California Institute of Technology
Transcriptional control of T-cell lineage identity” Host: Mark Leid
June 1, 2011Graham Hatfull
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
“Exploration and Exploitation of Mycobacteriophages” Hosts: Dee Denver, Theo Dreher and Barbara Taylor