It is my pleasure to announce that Dr. Brent Kronmiller has been selected to serve as the Interim Director of the Center for Quantitative Life Sciences (CQLS) effective March 1.

Dr. Kronmiller has been at OSU and affiliated with CQLS for 11 years. Most recently, he has served as the CQLS Assistant Director of the Bioinformatics and Data Science Group that helps consult and collaborate on bioinformatics and data science research across the university. He is also an Assistant Professor (Senior Research) in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

In the CQLS, he has provided technical and scientific advising to staff and the OSU community and provided guidance and direction to both the CQLS Biocomputing group and the CQLS Core Laboratory group. He also manages the CQLS teaching effort, courses and workshops for students and employees to learn high-performance computing (HPC), bioinformatics and data science skills. Dr. Kronmiller also provides scientific leadership for designing experiments, providing laboratory quotes and troubleshooting errors and issues.

Dr. Kronmiller succeeds Dr. Kathy Higley, who has served as CQLS interim director since December 2021. My special thanks to Kathy for leading the CQLS during this transition period for the center. While Kathy will remain as OSU faculty, she will also be assuming the duties as the President of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.

Please welcome Dr. Brent Kronmiller to this new role as we take the CQLS to the next stage in support of Prosperity Widely Shared.



Irem Y. Tumer, Ph.D., ASME Fellow
Vice President for Research and Innovation
Professor, School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering 

Division of Research and Innovation
Oregon State University | 541-737-0664

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